Charles&Ray Eames

Charles Eames,1907年生于密蘇里州圣路易斯市,在圣路易斯的華盛頓大學學習建筑學,并與不同的伙伴合作設計了許多房屋和教堂。他的作品引起了Eliel Saarinen的注意,他于1938年在密歇根州的克蘭布魯克藝術學院為他提供了獎學金。1940年,在紐約現代藝術博物館(MoMA)舉辦的“21個美國共和國工業設計競賽”中,他Eero Saarinen獲得了“工業設計競賽”的一等獎。同年,Eames被任命為克蘭布魯克工業設計部門的負責人。

Charles Eames, born 1907 in St. Louis, Missouri, studied architecture at Washington University in St. Louis and designed a number of houses and churches in collaboration with various partners. His work caught the attention of Eliel Saarinen, who offered him a fellowship at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in Michigan in 1938. In 1940, he and Eero Saarinen won first prize in the 'Industrial Design Competition for the 21 American Republics' - also known as 'Organic Design in Home Furnishings' – organised by the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York. Eames was appointed head of the industrial design department at Cranbrook the same year.

Ray Eames1912年出生在加州薩克拉門托的伯尼斯·亞歷山德拉·凱澤。她就讀于紐約米爾布魯克的貝內特學院(Bennett College),并繼續在漢斯霍夫曼美術學院(Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts)繪畫,直到1937年。在這一年里,她在紐約河畔博物館的美國抽象藝術家小組第一次展覽中展出了她的作品。她于1940年在克蘭布魯克藝術學院入學。

Ray Eames was born as Bernice Alexandra Kaiser in Sacramento, California, in 1912. She attended Bennett College in Millbrook, New York, and continued her studies in painting at the Hans Hofmann School of Fine Arts until 1937. During this year she exhibited her work in the first exhibition of the American Abstract Artists group at the Riverside Museum in New York. She matriculated at the Cranbrook Academy of Art in 1940.

兩人1941年結婚,搬到了洛杉磯,他們一起開始試驗膠合板三維成型的技術。其目的是創造出舒適的椅子,讓人買得起。然而,戰爭打斷了他們的工作,Charles和Ray轉而設計和開發了夾板,這些夾板是為美國海軍大批量生產的。1946年,他們在MoMA展出了他們的實驗家具設計。位于密歇根州澤蘭的Herman Miller公司隨后開始生產Eames家具。查爾斯和雷參加了在MoMA舉辦的1948年“低成本家具”比賽,他們在1949年建造了Eames House作為自己的私人住宅。除了在家具設計和建筑方面的工作外,他們還經常將手伸向平面設計、攝影、電影和展覽設計。

Charles and Ray Eames married in 1941 and moved to Los Angeles, where together they began experimenting with techniques for the three-dimensional moulding of plywood. The aim was to create comfortable chairs that were affordable. However, the war interrupted their work, and Charles and Ray turned instead to the design and development of leg splints made of plywood, which were manufactured in large quantities for the US Navy. In 1946, they exhibited their experimental furniture designs at MoMA. The Herman Miller Company in Zeeland, Michigan, subsequently began to produce Eames furniture. Charles and Ray participated in the 1948 'Low-Cost Furniture' competition at MoMA, and they built the Eames House in 1949 as their own private residence. In addition to their work in furniture design and architecture, they also regularly turned their hand to graphic design, photography, film and exhibition design.